Written by Peter Gray

Virtual Production

Produced by The Muse Collective | Directed by Michael Alvarez | Sound Design by John Millerd | Art Direction by Salmah Beydoun | Costume Design by Phuong Nguyen | Illustrations by Dorothy Zhu and Betty Is Ugly |

In Salem: Post Mortem the witches of Salem awaken once more--this time in the afterlife-- to seek resolution of their unfinished stories and confront the fear which left their town in tatters. When the veneer of Puritan decorum falls away, old voices scramble to regain their status and new voices awaken power they never touched on earth. A meditation on healing a broken society.

'Mothers' from Salem: Post-Mortem

A midwife and the woman who accused her of witchcraft meet in the afterlife.

'Sacred Gestures' from Salem: Post-Mortem

Since memories of their earthly pasts and ways of worship have begun to slip away, a group of Puritans have to get resourceful if they want to reach God. 

'Face of God' from Salem: Post-Mortem


A farmer contemplates the role he played in his wife’s death. 

'Bedtime Stories' from Salem: Post-Mortem

Seemingly abandoned by her own god, a girl returns to a former friend in search of new gods and new salvation.